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We offer you a complete range of rugby equipment: helmets, shoulder pads, training jerseys, shorts, socks, cleats, mitts gloves, mouthguards, compression gear and joint protection, as well as all the balls, sports bags, or thermal clothing.



    Rugby equipment shop for women with more than thirty products, some of which are on sale.

  • Accessories

    You will find in the section "rugby player accessories" small products that cannot be the subject of a special section and in particular rugby tees, mittens, shin guards, forearms...

  • Headguard

    Rugby headguards starting from €19, IRB certified and CE standard. The rugby helmet has become an essential piece of equipment for rugby players, especially among the youth, as it significantly reduces the risk of concussions. With its compressed foam of approximately 45 KG/M2 density, the helmet absorbs impacts that occur during tackles or collisions.

  • Socks

    On our rugby socks shop, we offer more than thirty different references from 4 €. Each reference is available in several colors and sizes. We constantly offer models on promotion and of course we offer preferential rates for clubs. Consult us..

  • Rugby Boots

    Over 50 pairs of rugby boots from €20! On our rugby shoe shop, you will find models for all styles: shoes with 6 or 8 aluminum studs for three-quarters or for pack players; hybrid models combining molded studs and aluminum; molded footwear for dry or synthetic turf pitches.

  • Compression

    Entry-level products are generally clothes whose sole purpose is to keep warm. They sometimes contain elastane to better fit the shape of your body and thus avoid heat loss, but are not, strictly speaking, compression garments. We have also made a separate section for baselayers and other clothing to keep you warm

  • Body Armour

    From €19.90, a selection of the best rugby shoulder pads from major brands (Canterbury, BLK, Gilbert, RTEK, ForceXV...), all World Rugby/IRB approved. We offer shoulder pads for children from 4/6 years old, for adults, but also specific models of breastplates with a reinforcement at chest level for women.

  • Books

    Rugby Bookstore: Books, guides, magazines, comics on rugby

  • Match Wear

    All rugby training shirts for adults and children. Short or long sleeves.

  • Mouth Guards

    We offer around thirty different models of mouthguards from €4.70. Depending on the brands and models, the mouth guard is one size or available in junior and senior versions. Generally junior sizes are for children under 10 years old. Basic mouthguards usually cost less than 10 euros. Beyond that, more sophisticated models allow better shock absorption.

  • Bags

    All the luggage to carry your rugby gear. Rugby bags are divided between children's bags, backpacks or small bags, and senior rugby bags, generally with a capacity of more than 50 litres. Some bags are on wheels to allow transport without forcing. Rugby bags often have a separate compartment to store rugby boots

  • Shorts

    Rugby shorts are made of cotton or more generally polyester, which is lighter. It differs from that of other sports by reinforced seams to resist shocks, the commitment of the players in particular at the level of tackles and pulls on the fabric. It is generally available by age from 4/6 years old up to 6XL for the larger sizes, such as the Gilbert KIWI shorts.


  • Jackets

    All upper body outfits: tracksuits, smocks, training jackets, parkas, windbreakers, hoody sweatshirts, fleeces... Some have reinforced seams to be used during training.

  • Thermal Clothing

    For the upper or lower body, underwear aims to regulate heat. There are some for the summer and consist of evacuating perspiration and heat. Those specific to winter, also evacuate perspiration and humidity but retain heat. They often contain elastane (or Spandex) and are therefore worn close to the body like a second skin. They are worn under the jersey (or shorts for undershorts) and can be used in everyday life or for practicing other sports such as running or skiing.

  • School Equipment

    We offer a wide choice of school material in the colors of the great nations and major rugby clubs, kits, backpacks, schoolbags, pens, diaries, binders, ....

  • Balls

    We offer a wide selection of rugby balls for training or competition. They can be purchased individually or in packs with discounted prices for rugby clubs. We carry popular brands such as Gilbert, RTEK, BLK, adidas, ForceXV, Macron, and Errea.

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Gilbert RWC 2023 Keyring

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Sac à dos Rugby World Cup...

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Envoi très rapide et très bonne qualité. Rien à redire

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Protège dent pour appareil dentaire
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Très bon produit conforma à la description .

By Christophe Q. the 09/28/2023 - Protège-dents Rugby.. This review was helpful 0 - 0
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Parfait. Bonne qualité

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Article bien reçu RAS

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