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Technical sheet: Rugby jerseys

Under the name "rugby jersey" hides a multitude of products which often have little to do with each other. We will distinguish two main categories: rugby jerseys intended for the game and those with a sportswear vocation for supporters. 

Rugby jerseys for the game

Rugby jerseys for the game are now almost all made from 100% polyester sublimated material. Cotton models, which are heavier, especially when it rains because they become waterlogged, and which offer more limited design possibilities have almost disappeared. Moreover, we no longer offer this type of cotton club jerseys on the site but can still have them manufactured in a French factory. Ask us for a quote.

Sublimated jerseys for the game

Sublimated jerseys therefore allow you to create an infinite number of models. Most major rugby brands like Gilbert, ForceXV or Kappa offer pre-designed models or you simply change the colors to match those of your club. Below is the online creation software offered by ForceXV:

Rugby jersey creation software

But you can also submit your original design. For example, below is the original model, with the design of the lace-up collar, of a Folklo team:

Original model of sublimated club jersey

Sublimated jerseys also allow you to add as many logos and sponsors which makes it easier to finance your jersey game! You can also play with the type of neckline and the length of the sleeves (long or short). Some brands also offer to add a grip zone on the chest to ensure better grip on the ball and limit the number of forwards.

The constraint of this customization is that these jerseys are not sold individually. Depending on the brand, the minimum quantity is between 10 and 15 pieces. 

Prices also vary greatly depending on the brand and the composition of the jersey. The most expensive sets of jerseys incorporate elastane which allows for a tighter fit and therefore limits the pulling of jerseys by the opponent.

Depending on the quantities, sizes or composition, the price of a personalized jersey therefore varies from €25 to €80 including tax!

Manufacturing times generally vary from 4 to 8 weeks depending on the brand and the time of year.

Polyester jerseys for the game

Aware of this double constraint (deadline and minimum quantity), rugby brands also offer jerseys, designed for the game with reinforced seams, sold individually. These jerseys are made of polyester and can, for the top of the range, include elastane (Virtuo Gilbert jersey below).

Maillot Rugby vitro Gilbert avec 5% d'élasthane

These jerseys can be purchased individually for training in particular or personalized with the club logo for competition (see example below with Gilbert's Xact jersey). 

Xact Gilbert jersey, personalized by CO Berre XV

The markings are then screen printed on the original jersey. In terms of price, it strongly depends on the number of markings. Unlike the sublimated jersey where everything is included, on the "on stock" jersey, each marking will be invoiced separately.

As soon as we have more than 2 or 3 markings, the price argument no longer works. There remains the delay: since the jerseys are already manufactured there is only the screen printing delay which reduces delivery to approximately 15 days.

"Ready to Wear" Rugby Shirts

The replica jersey

As its name suggests, the replica jersey is a replica of the jersey worn by major clubs or national teams. Unlike the jersey used by professionals, the replica jersey does not have the technical aspects: non-reinforced seams, no elastane, no grip zone, no location for the GPS....

Although some use replica jerseys for training, they are not designed for that but to support your favorite team at the stadium. 

Some brands sell slightly more technical models, with reinforced seams and a little stretch, but it's still not a model identical to the one worn by the players.

In addition, depending on the brand, replica jerseys do not necessarily have all the sponsors marked on the jersey. They are generally short-sleeved, like those of the pros.

Maillot Rugby Replica XV de France

The supporter’s jersey

Since the replica jersey is not always easy to wear on a daily basis, rugby brands sell so-called "supporter" jerseys, generally in cotton, with long or short sleeves.

Besides the size of the sleeves, what distinguishes them from polo shirts and t-shirts is generally the weight. They are heavier (Generally from 250 gr/M2 and up to 400 gr) and therefore have better hold. 

There are therefore supporter jerseys in the colors of a team, like that of South Africa, below, offered by Vintage Sports.


Rugby Jersey South Africa Sports Epoque

But there are also sportswear collections without a direct link to a team, just a rugby "connotation" like those of rugby brands now well established (Serge Blanco, Eden Park, Ruckfield...) or for example the Millésime Rugby jerseys which celebrate your year of birth.

Vintage Rugby Jersey