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Technical sheet: Rugby mitts

Rugby gloves have two very specific functions: to provide better grip and grip on the ball, particularly in wet weather. For this, all mitts have a silicone grip on the palms of the hands.

The other function of gloves is of course to keep the hands warm. A large part of the hand is covered, allowing heat to be radiated to the fingertips and thus preventing them from being numbed by the cold.

On the other hand, regulation 12 of the IRB specifies in relation to mittens: “Fingers and thumbs may be covered up to the first phalanx but not beyond the joint between the first and second phalanx. Mitten should not cover the hand beyond the wrist. The material of the mitt should be stretchy and the grip material should be soft rubber/synthetic compound with a maximum thickness of 1 mm. None part of the mitten should not have buttons or other potentially dangerous objects."

How to choose the size of fingerless gloves

To find out the size of your gloves, measure the circumference of your hand with a tape measure without taking your thumb.

Size correspondence given for information only and cannot engage the responsibility of EnModeRugby :

  • 2XL = 25 cm et plus
  • XL = 24 cm
  • L = 23 cm
  • M = 22 cm
  • S = 20 cm
  • XS = 19 cm
  • XXS = 18 cm

Rugby mitts gloves size guide

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