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Fiche technique :Compression / orthopedic products

Today there is a wide range of compression products to warm up the muscles, allow better recovery and prevent or treat trauma.

  1. Restraint : Unlike compression, restraint is in the medical field and aims to treat trauma; compression products are therefore issued on medical prescription.
  2. Orthopedics : Orthopedic products are not intended to treat but to protect against injuries or to avoid a relapse. New orthopedic products are generally designed without metal parts and can therefore be used for rugby. There are some for the large joints of the body and for rugby the most common are for the ankles, knees, wrists and shoulders.
    Some orthoses also have a compression role.
  3. Compression :Compression products are designed for the practice of sport to the extent that it allows the garment to adapt to muscle swelling during sporting activity. There are several types of clothing that cover the major muscles of the body. Restraint allows in particular:
  • Speed up your blood circulation and brings more oxygen to active muscles, increasing your performance.
  • Reduce lactic acid buildup and evacuate metabolic waste, allowing you to continue the effort longer.
  • The use of compression products is perfectly legal and complies with the regulations of the FFR and the IRB.
  • Help with récupération, to optimize rest periods and reduce the risk of injury.

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